Our numbers

28.000 sq.m

Total surface area

More than 20 years

of history and experience

Over 44 innovative

world level patents

Over 16.000

machines introduced onto the market

In short

Cormidi srl was founded in 1995 by Armando, Antonio, Massimiliano and Sandro Cormidi enterprising brothers from the south of Italy. Armando Cormidi is the CEO of Cormidi S.r.l. Italia and executive vice president of Cormidi USA in the United States. The company is responsible for the development and production of mini dumpers and tracked skid loaders, robust and versatile but extremely compact and handy for use on construction sites and at companies for the movement of earth, as well as for agriculture and for work that is difficult and challenging. Managerial skills and safety.

The strong managerial skills of Cormidi resulted in the company immediately being established on the national and international scenario as a leader in the field. The corporate philosophy adopted by Cormidi is based on the principles of compactness, high standard of quality and continuous innovation. So much so that the machines produced are renowned for their sturdiness, power and durability. All this reflects the goal of the company to produce and market robust, powerful and durable machines, guaranteeing absolute safety and protection for operators.

Attention to the environment. The company Cormidi is especially respectful of the environment.  Its machines, in fact, are made 75% from recyclable components and are fuelled with green diesel, petrol and electricity; the oil used in the engines is low environmental impact. The entire production process takes place within the company, which allows granular control over all phases of construction, monitored by highly qualified personnel, as well as offering better quality and reliability of the product. The company periodically holds training courses, both technical and commercial, at the individual subsidiaries worldwide: in FranceGreece , England and in Australia, where it has branches.

The history


The founder

Sante Cormidi, in 1968, boasting decades of direct experience with CAT, began his activity of maintenance and repairs of heavy earth-moving equipment.


Cormidi was conceived

Cormidi srl was founded by the brothers Cormidi Armando, Antonio, Massimiliano and Sandro


The first machine

The first Cormidi was born, the C6.55


The first international steps

Supply agreement to Zeppelin, a machine that would be used on the CAT Rental Store network.


Takeuchi Italy

Takeuchi Italy with Japan parent company approval chose Cormidi as suppliers of the TAK-branded minidumper


Japanese experiences

The first machines were supplied to Japan to Kanamoto and to NIKKEN Corporation through Cormidi Japan.


The synergy with Ammann

Ammann, a leading company in the world, became official distributor for France of the Cormidi trademark.


Cormidi USA was conceived

To develop the American and Canadian market, Cormidi USA Inc was set up.


2013 Awards

Cormidi won the 2013 Awards for implementation of the KB project 


Yanmar Europe

Yanmar Europe chose Cormidi as minidumper builder OEM partner.


Cormidi USA

The American branch has approximately 45 retailers throughout the U.S.


The Italian Army

The Italian army has chosen Cormidi to supply machinery to its departments.


Reference persons

Armando Cormidi

CEO e co-founder

Since 1995 Cormidi has worked towards a better tomorrow!

Always, before developing a new project, the values that provide the basis for humanity, such as respect for mankind and for the environment, are taken into consideration;

The road taken by myself and by my employees is that of an increasingly green world and it is for this reason that our company chooses certified, first choice raw materials, which are always "greener".

Antonio Cormidi

Production manager e co-founder

Massimiliano Cormidi

Production manager e co-founder

Sandro Cormidi

Production manager e co-founder


ISO 9001

We respect the standards set
by the ISO 9001 standards


our company is certified by TÜV


Our machines
comply with the CE standards


Cormidi at Salonvert 2020

We are pleased to announce that this year we will be present at Salonvert, France, from 23 to 24 September 2020 in Château de Baville à Saint-Chéron (91) Come and…

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