With the growth of the company, the centre has constantly evolved as proof of the fact that the current tracked machines produced by Cormidi boast a concentration of innovation and technology made possible by the huge design research that every tracked dumper receives from when it is still an embryo.

Everything starts from the Idea!

Every machine comes out of the minds of our technicians with the aim of solving or simplify everyday life, because every day a better solution can help you to speed up, facilitate, lift, transport, move and mix materials, making your life easier.

Then we go beyond imagination, in every sense, looking for what a project could actually become truly necessary for in our everyday world;

Sketches are followed  by skilled ingenuity, many intuitions and a high level of dedication to the project by all the technicians involved.

Engineers and designers work closely together to achieve advanced and reliable machines, ergonomically respecting all the relevant safety diagrams;

This aspect, in fact, is one of the focal points for our men, so much so that, during prototyping, the operator will always be part protagonist of the project.

The cockpit is in fact designed around the man;

The materials used impact on the entire process for a number of reasons:

Recyclability of the machines;

- Balance between sturdiness and lightness for reduced consumption and excellent durability;

- Appropriate cost;

- Superior quality

These are all factors which are necessary to take forward a concept that is efficient, functional, and especially ready to become an excellent machine to be mass produced with care and attention, almost as if it were a handmade product.

The Design Lab is a research and Development centre inside the company, with several rapid prototyping machines, advanced equipment and special softwares that help professionals to have almost instant feedback on innovations.

The lab currently has the following projects in progress:

  • 12 projects in progress:
  • 7 will start in the next month
  • 145 never went into production
  • 5 have just moved to industrialisation
  • 579 have so far been launched onto the market.

Man's love for innovation will never die. I am convinced and I believe in it passionately.

Karl Friedrich Benz, inventor of the first car


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